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Because if you are both non-Germans it will not matter - right?

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I assume you a re from the US as you use the word dating? I agree fully with Jools in 12, "dating" as a concept does not exist here, except perhaps in US-influenced TV shows.

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There are some rules however, which are ususally considered when you go out with someone dating playing hard to get the first time. Why not?

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As Jools wrote - if dating playing hard to get can still work with him if he turns you down, I don't see why not. This I would say is a major cultural difference to when you go out with a man from the US dating playing hard to get I would say most men and women here are used to splitting the bill equally unless it is already a special dinner or you are married or at least offer to pay next ime around and come true!

I think most men I know would think you a leech if you continued to let them pay for your drinks and meals.

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Or they might consider that you "owe" them favours Even people who say "no, no I will get it" will be pleased if you do get the bill every other time, and most people I know consider it a serious breach of good conduct to never pay a round.

Again I completely agree with Jools - expecially if it is a colleague be cautious. I should add, that depends so much on the person, there really are no patent answers to this question!

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