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You bet! The Hammock Throne is designed to look great in your home, but made with the durability to live outdoors. For that reason, all of our finishes were chosen with marine-grade outdoor durability in mind. For extreme durability, The Hammock Throne's metal elements are powder-coated using Akzonobel, the same super-tough coating they use to protect the Siberian gas pipelines from the elements.

single seat hammock stand

The wooden elements use a marine-grade UV-resistant wood finish. Does it require a hammock made specifically for the Throne? Zuletzt aktualisiert: Di, Mai 21 nachmittags EDT You'll only have to make those decisions after the campaign ends.

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Single urlaub frauen kennenlernen it's over, we will send you a survey to fill out your preferred design, finishes, and shipping address. Always have been, always will be; which is why we offer a day warranty. Our policies are built to reflect the very nature of our products: supportive and stress-free!

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Zuletzt aktualisiert: Do you accept bulk orders? Contact our sales team at wholesale yellowleafhammocks.

single seat hammock stand

There are just 5 components that need to be assembled together and the process is quick and easy about 5 minutes. We include the bolts and the hex key that you need to secure it. We do recommend having an extra set of hands to balance the wood "arms" onto the steel base as you screw it in, but in a pinch it can all be done by one person.

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Hmm, this is an single seat hammock stand question. Most of them are sadly unattractive. They are made of generic, factory-standard metal tubing. Worse, they are generally designed with an exclusive purpose of reducing materials costs and zero concern for enhancing the comfort of your hammock.

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We designed The Hammock Throne specifically to create the most enjoyable hammock experience possible. Our dissatisfaction with the single seat hammock stand quo inspired us to design something better, something that inspires us to take that daily break we all deserve.

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