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Please note: considering the huge and neverending development of the world of beer in many countries, my comments below may be quite out-of-date.

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Beer was never really part of the swiss culture and most of the people are still wine drinkers. Too much boring beers during too many years Nevertheless, since the nineties, the craft beer revolution hit the country and an impressive number of microbreweries are coming on the market.

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And despite the fact that the swiss are drinking less beer or about the same every year, those micros are taking always more places in the fridges of the beer-lovers.

A promising and exponential evolution and there are now plenty of good beers here but they are not always easy styrian aurora single hop find.

The country is basically divided in 2 parts.

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The east, german-speaking part, stayed mostly under the influence of the big german brother and swore obedience to the Reinheistgebot. This is practically over now. And don't forget to check my Switzerland Beer Guide partnersuche leer the History of beer in Switzerland in french because I don't think you will find another guy who has drunk and reviewed more swiss beers than I have Like Bov's Beers on Total: styrian aurora single hop Weighted average:

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