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Magazin It looks at participatory arts practice from the point of view of the artist. The programme includes workshops, project presentations, panel discussions and plenty of time for exchange.

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Community Artists, Artists in social Contexts, Art Mediators, Teaching Artists, or Artists in Co-Creation — there are many and diverse terms to name artists that use participatory practices. All of them refer to artists who, within their practice, aim for an exchange with non-artists, either besides of, or as integral part of their artistic practice.

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Sharing Practice in Participatory Arts also addresses teachers, pedagogues, social workers, and others who are interested in participatory art forms. Sharing Practice means: stella mann term dates 2020, project presentations, panel discussions, and plenty of time for exchange.

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Twenty artists — working in schools, community arts organisations or as mediators — from all over Europe and beyond, are coming to Vienna to give insights into their work, to exchange ideas, and to give hands-on practical advice. The workshop facilitators come from the artistic fields of music, photography, visual arts, theatre, dance, and multi media.

Beyond the exchange between disciplines, a change of perspectives from workshop facilitator to participant will help to overcome old concepts, think anew and find oneself in a new position. The conference is organized by Stand and Tanz die Toleranztwo state-of-the-art cultural institutions for participation in the arts in Vienna run by Caritas Wien.

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Absberggasse 27, Vienna.