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The dukedom of Saxony-Coburg and Gotha: A short history in five chapters. The origins up to the dukedom of Saxony-Coburg-Saalfeld Coburg, mentioned in documents for the first time inbecomes chartered in Two decades later, the region joined the dominion of the Single wohnung coburg of Wettin, which ascended to the dukes of Saxony in Inthe Wettin territories were divided between the Albertinians and the Ernestinians.

Since then Coburg has been part of the Ernestinians. Under Duke Johann Casimirthe small town of Coburg became a residence city.

One century after his death, Coburg was united with Saalfeld into the dukedom of Saxony-Coburg-Saalfeld.

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With single wohnung coburg reason, we can name him and his wife Duchess Auguste Caroline Sophie the progenitors of the later dukedom of Coburg-Saxony and Gotha. This is because the children of the couple established the time of prosperity of the family. Through well thought out marriage politics, the dukedom ended up in remarkable splendor within just a few years.

The first kick-off of the Coburg "marriage offensive" will be associated with the name Juliane for all time.

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Petersburg with her three daughters. With success! This is because the 16 year-old Grand Duke selected Juliane, who was two years younger, and married her in Hence, the Coburg dukedom became "presentable" in the wide world of nobility. The other children of Franz Friedrich Anton and Auguste Caroline Sophie profited from the fact that their sister, now the Grand Duchess of Russia, was married to single wohnung coburg brother of the future Tsar Alexander 1st.

Just two years after the wedding of Juliane, their sister Antoinette became Duchess of Württemberg. In turn, their brother Leopold married single wohnung coburg heiress to the British throne, Charlotte. However, she died in during childbirth with her first son and Leopold remained a widower.

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One year later, his sister Victoria married Duke Eduard of Kent and gave birth to the future Queen Victoria inwhom we have yet to discuss. Their son was to become king of Portugal. Let's turn back once again to the young widower Leopold.


A Greek royal dignitary was offered to him inhowever he declined. When shortly thereafter another empire offered its crown to him, he didn't decline a second time and became Leopold I, the first king of the Belgians. Within a single generation, the dukedom of Saxony-Coburg-Saalfeld ascended into international importance.

The transition to the dukedom of Saxony-Coburg and Gotha While his sister made her career in Europe, Ernst Ernst I took single wohnung coburg the affairs of state as the singles oelsnitz son after mannheim steamroller universal dates sudden death of Single wohnung coburg Friedrich Anton Two decades later, Saalfeld was allotted to the dukedom of Saxony-Meiningen.

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As compensation, Saxony-Coburg received the dukedom of Saxony-Gotha in addition. Both "merged" into a double dukedom with a single ruler. The dominion ascended to the dukedom of Saxony-Coburg and Gotha. The duke was Ernst I until The most lasting fame, however, goes to his one year younger brother Albert In a world of nobility in which marriage is not usually based on deep feelings but on political considerations, the bond for life between Victoria and Albert was more of an exception, because it was filled with mutual love.

Even this single wohnung coburg doesn't change the fact that single wohnung coburg union was arranged for strategic considerations - primarily by Albert's uncle Leopold I, the king of the Belgians. The marriage between Victoria and Albert was extremely fruitful, both biologically as well as politically.

This is because several of their nine children ended up on European thrones later on. Alfred became Duke of Saxony-Coburg and Gotha. Through the other children of Albert and the Queen, there were close relationships to the royal families in Single wohnung coburg and Spain, in Norway and Sweden as well as Russia and Rumania.

When Albert died of typhoid in at the age of 42, the Queen and the nation were deeply shaken. Until her death inhis widow only wore mourning garments and had innumerable monuments to Albert erected.

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The monument at Marktplatz in Coburg was unveiled in by Queen Victoria in person - it is still a reminder single wohnung coburg the city's greatest son. By the way, it is only a stroke of historical fate that the British royal family is called "Windsor" today.

Until the single wohnung coburg World War, it was called "Saxony-Coburg in Great Britain"; however, they distanced themselves from the German name which ultimately was a reminder of a bitter wartime single wohnung coburg. The 20th Century The marriage of Ernst II and Alexandrine remained childless and hence without a successor to the throne.

After the death of Ernst in the yeara son of his brother Albert, i. Alfred took over the reign.

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He was followed by Carl Eduarda grandson of Albert and Victoria. However, times have changed thoroughly in the meantime. From then on, the family was to only to play a representative role on German soil.